Top 12 Tips for Wowing Homebuyers

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Top 12 Tips for Wowing Homebuyers

Today’s hot seller’s market has compelled countless people to put up their homes for sale and capitalize on their increased equity. This is often a wise decision–home prices are continuing to rise throughout Florida and most of the states–but it also means your home must stand out in a pool of competitors.

With this in mind, Sandra Tagliamonte has composed a list of 12 brilliant tips to make a spectacular and lasting impression.

1. Elevate your marketing efforts

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Technology has radically changed how homes are marketed–and the innovations work to the benefit of home sellers. One of your first orders of business with your realtor should be securing the services of your community’s leading real estate photographer–an artist who will accentuate your home’s finest features and take aerial shots to provide buyers with a bird’s eye perspective of your property and its environs. Use a critical eye when selecting the visual content you ultimately choose to use, and refine the writing to ensure your property’s description illuminates and entices.

2. Purge your home of clutter

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Homebuyers have a fundamentally challenging time picturing themselves in a new home if it looks occupied. Long before you have your photographer come in, conduct a thorough organization of your home and toss, donate, or store (preferably off the premises) items you no longer need or that will get in the way of a clean, streamlined appearance. Stow the lion’s share of your personal possessions–photographs chief among them–and keep out only a few choice belongings.

3. Uplevel your curb appeal

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Your first impression with potential homebuyers is critical: Research reveals that consumers conceive an impression within the first eight seconds of encountering a product. Your home is bound to thrill buyers if you pay special attention to the first thing they will see: its exterior. If your landscaping is lacking, ask your landscaper to infuse your yard with bright, fresh flowers, shade-providing trees for Florida’s humid climate, and plants native to the Sunshine State. Firebush, beautyberry, yucca, and coral honeysuckle are just a few indigenous blooms that up the wow factor. Take a solid look at the condition of your door, too: it if appears weathered–and not in a stylish way–consider painting or replacing it. Include pieces in your entryway, outdoor space, and yard that are attractive and welcoming, such as high-quality outdoor furniture, potted areca palms, and perhaps even a fire pit.

4. Invest in choice trends

Decorating should be left to the buyer who will scoop up your home, but in the staging and showing part of the process, you may want to invest in a few additions that give your interior a timeless but slightly contemporary edge. This could mean embracing the trending Japandi look by implementing more plants throughout your home and emphasizing its Zen side, or working a few vintage pieces into select spaces. Aim for subtlety and sophistication as, again, you want to ensure buyers can envision occupying your home.

5. Refresh your paint

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A fresh coat of paint is a relatively effortless renovation that prompts a positive reaction. It makes homes appear cleaner, sharper, newer–and, with the right hue, larger. Use elegant neutrals throughout.

6. Revitalize old countertops

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Countertops comprised of granite and other posh materials can take a room from passable to outstanding. Take a solid look at the countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms and select a material that pairs well with your home’s overall ethos.

7. Consider replacing worn appliances

New appliances go a long way–to catch the attention of homebuyers in marketing materials, to start, and in their decision process. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes equipped with stainless steel appliances drive higher-end buyers and the age of the appliances matters. Work with an insightful real estate agent who can assess what you presently own and advise on whether replacements will be worth the expense and energy.

8. Go solar

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If you haven’t opted to turn your home solar, now may be the time: A study conducted by Berkeley Lab demonstrates that homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for solar homes. More and more buyers are factoring a home’s eco-friendliness into their decision, and this is one way to meet their expectations.

9. Create an exceptional website

A website for your home is standard practice in today’s luxury market; you are not just selling a home but also a certain lifestyle. Implement content that conveys your home’s extraordinary appeal, whether it is the rich history behind it, its proximity to a national attraction, or the interior designer you hired to transform it. Create captivating videos that show people enjoying your home’s greatest facets, whether it’s relishing a swim on a summer day or at a dinner party on your patio. Your website can also include pertinent information, such as HOA fees and disclosures. Some real estate agents may provide this service for you by putting a page on their website with featured listings.

10. Hire a first-rate home stager

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Professional home stagers engage in years of experience to make homes appear brighter, lighter, and more inviting. Work with an expert who comes highly recommended in your area to ensure you have a pro who is well-acquainted with your region’s expectations and aesthetics.

11. Upgrade your lighting

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Rather than merely replacing old bulbs throughout your home, consider investing in dynamite lighting. Lighting empowers homeowners and helps them reduce their carbon footprint. Dimmers and automated switches are especially appealing. Switching to warmer, subtler illumination in key places, such as the living room and master bedroom, changes the whole mood of a room for the better.

12. Swap out your linens

For towels, bedding, and linens, consider white: This shade is frequently used in resorts and hotels to convey a sense of purity and cleanliness, and the same holds true for your home. This minor upgrade makes a major difference when catching the attention and interest of buyers.

Enthralling prospective buyers is just one of realtor Sandra Tagliamonte’s talents. An expert in waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and luxury homes throughout the Sunshine State, she brings over 25 years of experience to the table–and the selling secrets she has accrued along the way. Book a consultation with her today to start building a meaningful and satisfying relationship.

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