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For Sale By Owner Vs. Realtor® – Pros And Cons

Sandra Tagliamonte

For Sale By Owner Vs. Realtor® – Pros And Cons

Selling a home without seeking help elsewhere, also known as For Sale By Owner (FSBO), is mostly considered by those who are looking forward to bypassing the commission paid to Realtor®. However, selling your home with the help of a Realtor® also comes with lots of pros that you can take advantage of.

In this article, we compare the pros and cons of FSBO and Realtor®'s services. By the end of this article, you should beware of how to sell your home the next time you intend to do so.

Pros Of FSBO and Realtor®


Whenever you see a house with the tag “House For Sale By Owner,” what rings into your mind is that the owner is looking for any buyer that can bargain. In most cases, buyers are attracted to a house with an FSBO tag because they are given the room to negotiate for the home. Unlike selling by Realtor®, the house comes with a fixed price, and it is often difficult to change the terms of the deal.

When selling by FSBO, you can meet all your potential buyers and interview them to find out if they are serious about buying the house. You will avoid all the intermediaries between you and the buyer when it comes to negotiating the house price. When selling your home with a Realtor®, you will sit on the loop while they do much of the talking.

Lastly, when selling your home yourself, you are likely to showcase your home to the buyer comfortably because you know more about the home compared to the Realtor®. You can convince the buyer by highlighting the functional aspects of the house and answering all their questions.

Cons Of FSBO and Realtor®


FSBO may sound economical, but it also has its demerits. In most cases, when you list your house for sale by the owner, most buyers will not take you seriously. You are likely to meet buyers who are interested in viewing the house but are not ready to seal the deal. A Realtor® will help you get a willing and able buyer for your home. When a Realtor® is involved in selling the home, only severe and willing buyers will negotiate for the house.

Marketing your home with an FSBO tag can be difficult. Although you may list your property online to attract buyers, a Realtor® can do it better than you can. A Realtor® will market your house across different networks and reach out to potential buyers. Realtor® will list your home on the Multiple Listings Service which is more effective than regular FSBO websites.

Selling a home buy Realtor® or FSBO depends on how fast you want to dispose of the property. If you intend to get a buyer for your property and seal a deal in the shortest time possible, then you should consider reaching out to an experienced Realtor®. Ultimately, the pros and cons of FSBO and Realtor® given here should help you choose how to sell your home.


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