Five Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home or Condo This Summer

Sandra Tagliamonte

Five Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home or Condo This Summer

There are many reasons why homeowners put up their homes for sale. The reasons may range from downsizing, relocation, or seeking more room for an expanding family. If you are selling your home or condo, you have to decide when to list or put it on the market. There is a right time to sell your home; knowing the right time can help you sell faster and fetch the right price for your home. If you are seeking a fast sale, selling your home at the end of spring through summer is ideal. Some reasons to consider selling your home or condo this summer include.

Curb Appeal Is Best During Summer


Increasing the curb appeal of your home can help it sell faster. The curb appeal of your home or condo is at its peak during summer. Your home cannot look more beautiful than when the lawn is lush and full, the trees are green, and the flowers are blooming. You just need to fix a few parts of the landscape, and your home will be good to go. The beauty of your home during summer will capture the attention of every prospective buyer.

High Demand


According to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR)’s Buyer Traffic Index, the demand for homes and condos remains high throughout summer. During summer, the market is crowded with buyers who are willing, ready, and able to buy homes. Several buyers are likely to compete to buy your home. With high demand, you can sell your home or condo at the price that you desire. Take advantage of the favorable buyer activity in the market this summer.

Lower Competition


This summer, the housing inventory is still below the needed supply to satisfy a normal housing market. Therefore, there are not enough homes and condos to satisfy willing buyers. In the past, homeowners stayed in a home for an average of six years. However, since 2011, the average homeowner stays at his/her home for an average of nine to ten years. This explains the reason why most people would love to change homes, but there are no homes available.

There Is No Better Time to Upgrade


If you are planning to move to your dream premium or luxury home, there is no better time to act than this summer. If you are planning to trade in your home, it will sell faster. You can then proceed and acquire your dream home equally fast. According to a projection by CoreLogic, home prices could go up by up to 4.8% in the coming years. Therefore, if you wait too long, your dream home may end up costing you more than it would this summer.

Move on With Your Life


This summer, consider the reason why you need to sell your home or condo in the first place. If you are moving in with a loved one, do not let the beauty of summer pass you by. Why wait too long to be with the ones you love? Why wait too long to enjoy the freedom of living in a spacious home?

You will enjoy immense benefits by selling your home or condo this summer!


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