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6 Warning Signs You're Outgrowing Your Current Home

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6 Warning Signs You're Outgrowing Your Current Home

Chances are high that the home you currently live in has been part of your life for some time. You can probably remember the moment you decided to purchase it. You've likely made many memories there, raised your children there, found out about a promotion there, and many other happy events. The odds of being able to stay in your current home are slim, though, as most of us outgrow our homes. How do you know if you're outgrowing your existing home?

Many factors indicate it's time to move into a new home, though we don't always want to recognize them. Life is constantly changing, and you'll know when your current home isn't meeting your needs. Recognizing the signs that it's time to move forward and on to a bigger space is the first step toward a happier and more spacious life. Here are six signs that you're outgrowing your current home.

Your family is growing

Whether due to the birth of a child, new pets, extended family moving in, or maybe your college student is headed home for a while, a growing family needs space. A growing family can mean several things, but if you're finding that squeezing into your home is getting snug, it can be somewhat restrictive. That starter home you purchased when it was just the two of you was great then, but when families grow, the house needs to suit those needs.

This situation can be an excellent excuse to explore neighborhoods in the area and find a better fit. Think about what you and your family will need moving forward, and then create a list to take to your agent. Coral Ridge in Fort Lauderdale is an excellent neighborhood choice for purchasing a larger single-family residence, and as a bonus, it has a great school system.

There’s not enough space to declutter

If it's impossible to walk through your home without tripping over something or there isn't enough space to put everything, it's time to move. Whether this is due to having more people in the home or simply accumulating more stuff, a clear sign that you need more space is when there isn't any extra room. Maybe you're feeling cramped, and the storage space you once loved suddenly lacks. Are your closets stuffed with clothing and shoes? Perhaps the souvenir collection you began in college is finally taking up too much space in the spare bedroom. When cleaning up rooms and eliminating things you no longer need doesn't cut it, that's a clear sign you need to move somewhere new.

Consider where you'd like additional space when moving into the next home. Whether you want a larger kitchen, more bedrooms, or a spare room to create a home gym, it's essential to know your desires. Asking yourself critical questions will help narrow your list and find your dream home more quickly.

You require a home office

Since many people work from home as much as in the office these days, having a dedicated space to work from can be vital. This can be an issue if you don't have enough room for one. If you are working from the bedroom or sofa, or maybe even using the kitchen counter as your work center, it might be time to consider finding something larger. Many believe having a separate workspace from your living space is the key to focusing and performing. Plus, if you have children and pets at home, you'll want privacy so you can focus and not trip over everything.

There's no entertaining room

Not having the space for entertaining can be disastrous if you're a fan of dinner parties and family gatherings. Whether the dining room and kitchen lack space or your backyard is the size of a postage stamp, you want guests to feel comfortable. If you're looking around and wishing you had a more prominent front porch to gather on or a backyard big enough for a pool, it might be time to move. The good news is there are plenty of Fort Lauderdale homes for sale that offer plenty of space inside and out for entertaining.

You've gone through significant life changes

Let's face it, things happen, and sometimes our current spaces are no longer practical. Whether you've gotten married or divorced, found a new job across the country, or have kids heading back home, it's a significant change to the process. These changes often have us needing additional space or no longer requiring the amount of space we once had. Either way, sometimes our current home no longer fits our lifestyle, and finding a better place is the best idea.

You find yourself wishing for a new home

Maybe your home fits the size and space you want, but you wish you had something different. It's not uncommon to daydream about having something better, more significant, or more customized, even when we have enough. If you find yourself in a situation where you're dreaming of a large kitchen with granite counters and a chef's stove, it's probably an indication that your current home is not enough anymore. Maybe you want to be closer to the beaches and find yourself dreaming of a luxury condominium where maintenance is covered, and you don't have to worry about tending to the yard. Either way, it indicates that you are outgrowing the space you're in, and it's time to find something new. There are plenty of Fort Lauderdale condos for sale that will fit your desires, and an expert agent can help.

Work with Tagliamonte & Associates

Now that you know whether you're outgrowing your current home, it's time to start brainstorming what you want in a new home. Create a list of why you think you're outgrowing the existing house and everything you desire for your next space. When you're ready to move forward and search for your next luxury home, contact Sandra Tagliamonte, a real estate agent and South Florida native.


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